Left drawing: Blobs
Right painting: Candy Land


My pallet & “a walk in the forest”

Last week I went to a paint workshop at Atelier Molenpad.
It was GREAT!
The atmosphere, the people, Daniella, the teacher, amazing!

Intuitive painting was just what I need to ignite my painting/drawing/experimenting process again!
Go with the flow of the moment, what do you feel, not judge and have FUN and learn new techniques in the process! 😉

Next week I start a 3 months course there! (Thanks to my hubby and sister)
I can’t wait for it. To paint every week, to keep Inspired! 🙂

Since the workshop I’ve been drawing more and experimenting with all kinds of materials.
I promise updates!

To all my lovelies a great weekend!
Keep Inspired!
Keep Creative!