Hello Lovelies!

It has been a long time and I have been missing blogging for while. I think it is a good time to go back to write about my experiences with drawing and painting.

Lately, well, in the past three days, I have also started to write a bit. I am not a very good writer, neither very committed, but I do like to write (I do journaling, a LOT) and I have too much imagination running wild inside my head, so I decided to let them fly to the paper (or screen 😉 ). So, if, like today, I have a prompt related to some drawing/sketching/painting theme, I will be sharing them together.

In the case of this post, my sketches were inspired by my writing prompt” Peach!

Hope you all enjoy it!

Keep Inspired!

xx, A.


  She had a prompt, her first, and she was thinking about it for the past two days. A five minutes writing prompt and nothing about it would pop up in her mind. Completely blank!

  Well, not completely true. She was exaggerating. The first thing she thought about was its colors. That gorgeous shade of… PEACH. Gorgeous! She wanted to paint it, draw it and get lost in the colors. But she wasn’t sure of the shape. She made a mental note to google it later and use it and the colors in some painting exercises.

  “Peach. I don’t even like peach!” she though. Another lie. In fact she didn’t remember how did it taste. “Sweet? Wet? I really don’t know…” she wasn’t sure if she remembered the taste of the fresh fruit or the taste of the compote.

  Now all she can think about is that she must, she NEEDS to try peaches in all its glorious colors.