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The calm in the middle of the turmoil


How is your Friday going so far?

Since the move, every other day I go over some old stuff and decide what stays and what goes (and what might be stored a little longer hehehe)

Today I found this beauty 👩🏾‍🎨

Which I think I painted horizontally, but now I kind of prefer it vertically…

This one is from my intuitive painting classes… I didn’t find the notebook I kept for the paintings at that time, sono don’t know what name I gave it originally… but now is “the calm in the middle of the turmoil” because that’s how I feel every day. Life is a turmoil of errands need to be done (food shopping, kids drop in and pick ups, lunch boxes, laundry, cleaning and arranging) and in the center there is you! Me. The individual, keeping calm and moving on… noticing the bits of happiness through the day… running errands but also feeling joy.

That’s life! It is a miracle! It is a turmoil and it can be so calm…

Enjoy it all my loves!

Keep Inspired & Curious!

And have a Fabulous Friday!

Until next week!




Hello my lovelies!

Yesterday I’ve finished my stuffed bell peppers spread page!

Please head over to my Instagram and check my journaling stories to see the first stage.

Do you guys journal? Do you do art journaling?

I used to journal as a diary and add some doodles here and there and then sometime earlier this year I joined Get Messy Art and since then I have been trying to do some art journaling.

I like the classes very much, and I LOVE the community!

But I have been having some trouble to just go with the flow while painting… I am more like a drawing kind of person… and is been a long time I don’t practice intuitive painting (time to start again!)

But this spread… this one, I liked it very much!

What I did different in here… I’ve adapted my approach to creating (having some end goal) with the “just go with the flow” of intuitive art.

I had made this meal (stuffed bell peppers) other day for dinner and and the photos of it made my mouth water so much that I just felt I needed to journal about it. So, my end goal was the stuffed bell peppers and something that reminded me of the pictures of the making progress…

My first step was to pick the pallet: red(pepper) and yellow (for the egg), white (feta), blue (the plate) and pink because I love pink and I decided it would be my background!

Then I worked on the pink background, colors for the plate and peppers and let it dry (you can see the first stage on my album).

My second stage was to add some line drawing because that’s what I am more into it, and in fact made me connect with the marks better.

So I’ve added some shapes for the peppers and cheese and couscous, very loosely and sometimes cartoonisty.

I am quite happy with the end result! Is not exactly what I had in mind (perfection) but it is pretty and it makes me smile 😊

Hope you guys like it too!

Keep Inspired!

Keep Curious!


Art Workshop


Left drawing: Blobs
Right painting: Candy Land


My pallet & “a walk in the forest”

Last week I went to a paint workshop at Atelier Molenpad.
It was GREAT!
The atmosphere, the people, Daniella, the teacher, amazing!

Intuitive painting was just what I need to ignite my painting/drawing/experimenting process again!
Go with the flow of the moment, what do you feel, not judge and have FUN and learn new techniques in the process! 😉

Next week I start a 3 months course there! (Thanks to my hubby and sister)
I can’t wait for it. To paint every week, to keep Inspired! 🙂

Since the workshop I’ve been drawing more and experimenting with all kinds of materials.
I promise updates!

To all my lovelies a great weekend!
Keep Inspired!
Keep Creative!


My baby’s creation


One of the things I most like to do is paint with my son!
I love he just go with the flow and have fun!

Kids arts are great!
Keep Inspired!


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… and, since I’ve shared with you the “weird” paint with you, now is time to share too the paints 😉

Hope you enjoy it!



playing things

When I was a kid, I remember mixing lots of colorful paints in a bucket and then submerging in this bucket whatever (glass bottles, handmade ashtrays…) And then they would come out all with this amazing mix of colors!

Those were usually for mother’s and father’s days… Such fun! 😀

Oh well, I finally had some time to test the paints I got and I’ve decided to have some fun and make this colorful mix again!
This “painting” looks quite weird, but it just makes me smile so big because of the colors! 😀

And you? Do you like the colors?




Quando eu era criança, eu me lembro que na época do dia dos pais e dia das mães, nós costumávamos encher um balde com várias cores de tinta e misturá-las até ficar uma misturada de cores, mais ou menos como essa aí de cima!

Eu achava a maior diversão!!!

Bom, finalmente eu consegui um tempinho para testar meus equipamentos de pintura e aproveitei para fazer essa misturada aí de cima! A “pintura” é meio estranha, vamos assim dizer, mas mesmo assim, ela me abre um sorriso tão grande! 😀

E vc? Gosta da mistura de cores?